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How to Use the Service

The Housing Support Gateway is a secure web-based system that you can use to apply for housing related support from a wide range of local service providers.  To make an application you can either contact a support provider for help, or complete the online support application.  If you have a social worker, a Housing Adviser or another kind of support worker, they may be able to help you with your online application. 

To get started you will need to provide us with some personal details including your name and address and contact details.  All questions marked with a * have to be answered.  

Once you have entered your basic details, you can click NEXT and fill in the ‘Assessment of Support Needs’ form.  This is so that service providers can match you to the services that will best meet your needs.  We ask you to tell us about any other support that you might be receiving, and any risks you may have.  Answering yes will not mean that you can't have a service, it just helps us to make sure that the most suitable services can be found. 

We ask the question ‘Which of these describes you?’ – this is because the services are set up to work with particular client groups, and this, together with the ‘Support Needs Assessment’ part of the form,  is used to help match you to a suitable service. 

Once you have submitted your online self assessment form, you are on the waiting list and service providers will be able to see that you are waiting for a service and what needs and risks you have told us about. 

Please note that before you are offered a support service, most providers will contact you and invite you to attend an interview.  If you gave details of referees, they may also contact them for more information. 

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