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Bath and North East Somerset - Single Access Point

Sunday, 14-Jul-2024
Support People Home

Support People Home

Welcome to the Housing Support Gateway 

The Bath and North East Somerset Housing Support Gateway provides a single point where you can apply for a wide range of support services to help you live independently,remain in your own home or avoid homelessness. 

If you just need help to find somewhere to live please contact the Housing Team on 01225 396296

You normally need to have a local connection to Bath and North East Somerset to be able to receive Gateway services

Support for young people and the prevention of homelessness

Not all young people who present to the Gateway are in need of rehousing. They can present in the moment of crisis after a heated argument and in many instances, present just for information, advice and guidance. Young people and their families will normally be offered Mediation in the first instance with the aim of resolving their difficulties, so that the young person can remain at home or with other family members or friends and avoid homelessness. 



The following services are seeking referrals via the Gateway:

  • Pathways and Bath Foyer - supported housing for young people aged 16 and over
  • Curo Young Parents Service - Low support dispersed accommodation for young/teen parents
  • Rackfield House - supported housing for single men and women
  • Reach - Floating support service to prevent homelessness

The following services are unable to accept referrals at this time due to waiting lists being full:

  • Second Step - floating support for people with mental health conditions
  • Peter House- supported housing for single homeless people at risk of offending
  • Barnabas House - supported housing for single homeless people

(last updated 20/02/19)


To be offered a Gateway service you must:

  • be an adult who lives in Bath and North East Somerset and
  • need supported housing or home based ‘floating’ support or
  • Be at risk of becoming homeless or more vulnerable without support from a Gateway service and
  • Be ready, willing and able to engage in a support programme to learn new skills and address and manage issues that are stopping you from getting on with your life.

These services are funded through Supporting People  



Supported Housing is any service where housing and support are provided by the landlord or organisation. The support is offered at a specific property like sheltered or supported housing schemes

Housing and support is given to people with a wide range of support needs. Support staff will help you to learn how to live independently and support you access work and training and to move on to shared or independent accommodation

Floating support is a service which follows you and can be delivered wherever you live in Bath and North East Somerset. Once you no longer need support the service can be offered to someone else. 

Floating support providers give support in housing matters to people with a support need who want help to settle in and manage their lives whether they live in private rented housing, social housing, or own their own homes.

All the services help you to be independent and improve your quality of life.

Priority will be given to vulnerable people and those in crisis.  

If you are not local to Bath and North East Somerset, you may be able to get assistance to 'reconnect' with your local area.  Contact Housing Advice for further information.

To apply you can complete the online self assessment form above.  If you have difficulty with this you can contact one of the support providers who will help you.

What kind of help could I get? 

Housing related support services are offered to vulnerable people living in Bath and North East Somerset who are homeless or finding it difficult to cope with living at home.  Most services are for up to 2 years and free. But if you need support for longer it may be possible to arrange this.  There is a charge for these services but you can get help if you are on a low income and/or means tested benefits. 

The support offered includes:

  • Setting up and keeping a home and/or tenancy
  • Managing finances, debt advice and applying for benefits         
  • Gaining access to other services
  • Establishing social contacts and activities
  • Supervising and monitoring of health, wellbeing and medication
  • Practical support and advice managing a home including repairs, adaptions and improvements 

How do I apply? 

To apply for either supported housing or floating support you can complete an on-line self-assessment form.  If you need help with this, contact Reach who will help you.

The online form is 5 pages long.  Please ensure that you complete each page and click 'next section' within 30 mins otherwise your application will 'time out' and you will need to start again.

Please make sure that you tell us your correct contact details, including a phone number where you can be contacted.  If you move to a different address, change your phone number or if your circumstances change, inform one of the support providers  who will arrange for your application to be updated

The information you provide will be held on a secure computer database and may be shared with support providers, local authorities, the Home Office, Immigration and Nationality Directorate and other Government Departments and agencies under the terms of the Data Protection Act 1998.  By completing the form, you agree to this.

What happens next? 

Once you have submitted your on-line self assessment form service providers will be able to see that you are waiting for a service.  You will normally be contacted by the service within 4 weeks of applying. They will arrange to carry out a full individual support needs and risk assessment which will include following up references. Please note that the services can often be very busy and you may have to wait some time before you are offered a service.  At the moment there is a long wait for accommodation based services for young people under the age of 18. 

If you are offered a service you will be expected to work with your key worker who will support you to set and achieve your goals.

Links to other useful Services and Information:

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